Hack4DK - analyzing children's health care data
Sep 26, 2016
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I spent the past weekend at Hack4DK 2016 - a hackathon in Copenhagen with the aim to hack and analyze publicly available data sets. Most projects focused on cultural data sets but our project was a little different:

We worked in a group of three and analyzed a data set consisting of health care data of children in Kolding, Denmark. The data set was provided by Kolding Stadsarkiv and is described here.

Slides, code and contributing

A short presentation summarizing our results is available here. Our primary aim was to identify differences in children’s health across the four districts cataloged in Kolding. Such differences could, for instance inform decisions about the allocation of public funding for sports facilities or playgrounds.

After spending Saturday cleaning the data set, we arrived at plots like the one below. This box plot depicts the BMI of 10-year olds living in the four districts: sleep data

Although we did not find considerable differences in the children’s BMI across the four districts in our analysis, we are confident that making similar data accessible on a country-wide scale would benefit society. For instance, data-loving parents could make a more informed decision about where to raise their kids if they had access to such data.

Our code is available on GitHub.

We welcome every contribution to the project!

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