TIL: f-string formatting - a cheat sheet
Jan 17, 2023
Alexander Junge
1 minute read

I am a big fan of f-strings in Python. If you are not using them yet, you should!

f-strings come with a string formatting syntax that makes it very convenient to create nicely formatted strings. For example, you can introduce padding:

>>> v = "test"
>>> f"{v:>20}"
'                test'

Or you can format dates and print weekdays instead:

>>> from datetime import datetime
>>> print(f"Happy {datetime.now():%A}!")
Happy Monday!

Or you can round floating point numbers:

>>> print(f"{1.1111:.2f}")

The trouble is that I ALWAYS forget this syntax and need to search online every single time without good hits.

BUT: this is now solved thanks to this awesome cheatsheet I discovered today: https://fstring.help/cheat/ 🤩

I also recommend reading the underlying article from Python Morsel (which provides awesome weekly Python exercises but that’s a post for another day).

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