Short video about our clustering project released
Jul 17, 2016
1 minute read

A short video where I talk about our clustering project of large-scale data sets of RNA molecules was released last week.

We recently developed a Docker container to ship RNAscClust, our RNA clustering software. This makes it very easy for new users to install our software since the container wraps a complete computing environment with all dependencies already installed. A more detailed description of our clustering project is available under Current projects.

The video was produced by DeiC, the Danish supercomputing organization, and I am featured in the video because I won computing time in the CBioVikings Computerome pitch competition back in March. This allowed me to run our clustering software on Computerome, the Danish National Supercomputer for Life Sciences, on big data sets.

The video is available on YouTube and the part I am in is only about one minute long. So please watch it, if you are interested.

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