Spotlight: New TaskFlow API in Apache Airflow 2
Feb 22, 2021
Alexander Junge
1 minute read

I recently switched to version 2 of Apache Airflow which was released in December 2020. I am a big fan of the new TaskFlow API and want to highlight it here.

The TaskFlow API allows users to write DAGs in a much more efficient way, requiring less boilerplate code. Specifying task dependencies and exchanging data between tasks via XComs is also much easier now.

A minimal example of a DAG using the TaskFlow API looks something like this:

from airflow.decorators import dag, task
from airflow.utils.dates import days_ago

@dag(default_args={'owner': 'airflow'}, schedule_interval=None, start_date=days_ago(1))
def tutorial_taskflow():

   def foo() -> dict:
       return {"data": 3.12}
   def bar(data_dict: dict):
       print(f"Data is: {data_dict['data']}.")

   my_data = foo()

dag = tutorial_taskflow()

Give it a try if this looks useful!

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