Building a Vue/Vuetify application to label articles
Mar 1, 2020
Alexander Junge
1 minute read

As described in my last post, I used Apache Airflow to query articles from I now built a small web application to label articles that I find interesting (upvote) or not interesting (downvote).

Using the application, it took me about an hour to label 500+ preprint articles with an up- or downvote. I plan to use these label to recommend new articles of interest in the future.

The application is build in the JavaScript web framework Vue and uses Vuetify Material Design components. This was my first time using Vue (my first time using JavaScript, really) and I am quite amazed how little time it took to develop a beautiful web application.

The application looks like this:

The code is fully dockerized and available on GitHub along with more detailed documentation.

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